Small Polyculture Integrated Farming

Farms do best with animals and crops grown in cooperation together.

Crops feed the animals, animal manure feeds the crops, and they both feed you!

Polyculture farming can be as simple as a garden and rabbits or chickens, or as elaborate as garden, fields, livestock, fish, bees and other insects, vermiculture, fungiculture (mushrooms!), orchards, aviaries, roof gardens, greenhouses and shade gardens, and more.

The defining feature is that each thing on your farm benefits other things on your farm, and that nothing is grown in isolation.

Natural polyculture farming is farming at its best! Each thing on the farm does what nature designed it to do. Chickens scratch the dirt, pigs plow up dead stumps and dig out stubborn weeds, goats eat brush and weedy fields, and you get eggs, pork, and milk in addition to what they do naturally! Your garden does not just produce some vegetables in the summer and then die and lay there until you clear it next spring, it provides food for your animals all year, gives your chickens a winter home (or grows a winter crop!), and produces mulch.

Rather than industrial agriculture which is micromanaged by people, you create a stylized imitation of nature, and partner WITH her to let her do what she does best, and to encourage her efforts to produce MORE, in LESS SPACE, with LESS WORK.

All that, and organic too! BETTER than organic! Truly natural.